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Looking to beautify your home with steps, a retaining wall, or a fireplace?

Just trying to keep water out of your basement? We have you covered! 


We provide you with a free Drainage Report Card ($1000 value) that will identify areas where water is damaging your property.  By spending a small amount now, you can avoid huge costs down the road.  We design beautiful stonework solutions to enhance & protect your home.


Contact us today to claim your free report!


With over 30 years of experience engineering drainage solutions, we use the right methods and materials to complete your home renovation efficiently.   We get your feedback as the job progresses, and work is done with minimum disruption. Every interaction with the team is a first class experience.

Drainage Report Card | Exceptional Stone Products
The Eye of An Artist
The Insight of An Engineer

Steven Barckley B.S.I.E. (Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering) is a master builder with decades of experience in the field of stonework, patios and drainage systems. He has a passion for design, a drive for excellence, and attention to detail. 

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Once the job is complete and you are satisfied with the work you have contracted, we offer you a Drainage Maintenance Plan to ensure your property is safe from water damage.

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