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"Steve Barckley has an uncanny ability with stone. He not only fixed some crumbling 80-year-old fieldstone walls for us, he transformed a really problematic and dilapidated rear entrance into an elegant flagstone-paved areaway, and turned an embarrassing retaining wall into a thing of beauty. He salvages good old material whenever he can and uses it to the best possible advantage." - Ulysses D.


Hi Steve -


Thank you for the fine work you have done on my front porch and driveway.  The stairs look great! The work was done quickly and was completed as promised.  I also appreciated the few extra things you did for me to help with my drainage issues. The front of my house has a terrific new look thanks to you.


Best regards,

Lou P

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“Some time ago, I spent 9 years as the Plant Manager for a pump manufacturing company in Teterboro, NJ. Approximately half our business was making sump pumps, which I designed and put into production. We made thousands of these types of pumps and naturally, during the course of my tenure there, I became familiar with all of the similar types of product on the market.


It was because of my extensive knowledge in that area, when I built my own house, I made certain it required neither a sump pit or pump. I knew, no matter how well it was made, it would invariably fail one day, as all mechanical devices must and the end result would be a flooded basement.


I can heartily recommend Steve Barckley, not because I have ever needed his services, but because I have seen his work and appreciate his philosophy of waterproofing.  The best pathway to a dry basement - is never to let water in from the start.” - Paul H.


If you are in search of a Mason, then look no further.  Steven Barckley is the man for you.  He is an excellent worker, very well-organized, very meticulous and knows what he is doing.  He did an extremely beautiful job on my patio.  I recommend him very highly.


Irma F.


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