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Does Water Run Uphill?

Updated: Jan 6, 2018

Can water defy gravity and run uphill? Most people would answer, “Of course not!” pretty quickly, but are they right? There are “gravity hills” where it appears the water is running uphill. However, it is only an illusion created by the surrounding landscape, two of them right here in New Jersey! #waterrunsuphill #gravityhills

For water to truly run uphill, there needs to be a force stronger than gravity acting on it. This can happen due to capillary action, siphoning and water surges. Small amounts of water can flow upwards due to capillary action, as in trees. A siphon effect can draw water into a pocket of air pressure uphill, sometimes in underground rivers. Water surges can be stronger than downhill river flows, either because of a storm, as in the Mississippi River during Hurricane Issac, or due to regular tidal events as in the Severn Bore in the UK (pictured) which creates waves big enough to ride on! #capillaryaction #siphon #watersurges #defyinggravity

But as a homeowner or property manager in New Jersey, there is a good chance that water is running downhill for you. Unfortunately, many building designs and property layouts are not enough to stem the tide. Erosion and contractor oversight are just two of the many reasons that water may be entering your home. Since you can’t change gravity, what can you do? #homeowner #propertymanager #newjersey

A good solution is to change the macrograding in your property. Macrograding is the way water enters your property, streams across and exits. There are many simple solutions available to change your macrograding and prevent water damage. So instead of buying another sump pump, risking a slip and fall, or having your foundation damaged, have a professional come and redirect the water! And if you are already planning property improvements, make sure your contractor is considering the macrograding and ask what they are going to do fix any issues. #macrograding #dumpyoursumppump

And the next time someone asks you if water runs uphill, answer “Yes!”

Exceptional Stone Products specializes in stonework including steps, retaining walls, fireplaces and more. When we install the beautiful stonework, we also manage the water flows on your property to redirect water and eliminating future damage saving you thousands. Learn more at

Photo By Ruth Sharville, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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